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Cake Toppers & Dessert Buffets... I'll take one of each, please.

There are so many fun ways to spruce up your wedding cake, but cake toppers unfortunately become an afterthought to many couples. Cake toppers can be your monogram, they can be flowers from the florist, or flowers done by the cake creator, they can be the traditional bride & groom sculpture... there are a lot of beautiful and unique ways to top your cake.

Many brides and grooms are also starting to enjoy the idea of a smaller wedding cake supplemented by other desserts, such as cupcakes. Not only does it make it quicker and easier for guests to get their dessert, but it also adds a fun aesthetic to the wedding. Couples can show off their color theme or personalities with how they display the dessert table. The idea of a "midnight snack" is not new to the wedding world-it is memorable to send your guests off at the end of the night with a little chinese food carton of goodies they have selected themselves. No matter how you offer these yummy treats to your guests, everyone likes to indulge their sweet tooth every now and then!

Here are some awesome websites I have found while surfing around online, plus Brides Magazine suggests some fun ideas, too:

*Concarta.etsy.com (paper figurines you can customize hair/skin/dress & tie colors etc)
*PeachandPearl.etsy.com (Tiny flags you can customize to say your name or "Just Married" a very easy DIY project too if you want to save some $$$)
*JustCakeToppers.com Extensive options: Cultural symbols, (Chinese, Celtic), Precious Moments figurines, Gay and Lesbian cake toppers, castles, animals, religious icons, sports... LOTS to choose from!
*BunnyWithAToolBelt.com SO CUTE, you just have to look at her work
*Ranunculusmarket.etsy.com As she says on her site, "Your spot for finding all things paper and floral, all things made of tulle for dancing in"
*ShellScapes.etsy.com Beach-oriented themes
Lastly... One of my favs because my mother is an artist... (if you have a sentimental or personal connection to someone who can do something similar, I would go with them... but if you do not know someone of that nature, check out this site): bluebutterflydesign.etsy.com Robert Indiana's "Love" sculpture, among other options

This is a great resource for information on different types of cake toppers and what materials are used in their construction:

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