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Happily Ever After is the tricky part...

So, everyone is talking about 2010.... so futuristic... so weird... time keeps flying by...

"Time seems to go so slowly, and then all of the sudden, everything has changed." One of my college professors told my Political Science class, the day when a few of the suave university basketball players meandered in late.

"Punctuality may not be important to you now, but you're going to be old one day, believe it or not. Wrinkly skin, sagging muscles, age spots on your epidermis... You know what I predict will be a stand-out memory in your mind? You're going to look back at your youth and remember how you were always late for my class, and how because of that, I failed you." Without another wasted word on the topic, my professor turned to the dry-erase board and started jotting the day's lecture outline.

The basketball players looked confused, burped and again meandered out of the class room. As if that is normal? Maybe that moment in history won't stand out to those basketball players compared to other moments in their lives, but I am sure it has to at least make their Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments list. Hopefully their wedding day, child's birth, winning awards, graduations, (if that ever played out), birthdays, and just special moments with family and friends are among the times those basketball players remember when they look back at their youth. But, just as those guys took their college professor for granted, (which led to them failing a class), people can take other people for granted... which leads to failed relationships, most notably, the scary D-word.... divorce.

Oprah did a whole segment on life after the wedding. She talked about how many couples put on the horse blinders during the wedding planning phase, hence ruining their relationship. People can focus so much on the wedding and not thinking about life after, which is the point of the wedding in the first place---correct?

If you think life will be different after a wedding, think again. Some people do change after they get married and become more devoted to their spouse, but many times people are disappointed to learn that their Prince Charming is still that frog they kissed a long time ago.

One of my dearest friends just called me as I was writing mid-blog... She happens to be newly engaged to a lovely British man and planning a December 2010 wedding. While we were on the phone, she reminded me of one of the bajillion reasons I respect and love her... We were talking about her dress ideas, her wedding likes and dislikes, her concerns with having a small-town-America wedding while her fiance's family was flying in from all over London and the world... and she said, "I am so excited!"

I said, "Well, yeah! This is what you want right?"

"Duh, Christy! I am happy about the wedding and everything, but I mean I am excited for afterwards... the whole being married thing."


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