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Just Breathe!!

I just heard this great story about a maid of honor who left her
special wedding day shoes on the shuttle from the salon to the
church. When the maid of honor realized what had happened
she confessed to the bride, "I left my shoes on the shuttle..."

Supposedly, the bridesmaids were terrified of how the bride was
going to react. Nothing had gone majorly wrong all day, even
though weddings can be thought of as nerve-wracking, this
bride had remained calm throughout the minor bumps of the
day thus far... so everyone was expecting her to freak out.
This was supposed to be the straw that broke the camels back.
The bride replied, "Ok, well you can wear my ceremony shoes
and I'll put on my reception shoes early."
The bridesmaids were in a state of shock and haze of confusion
with how smoothly the transition took place. No one thought to
look at it from the bride's perspective; how happy she was to get
out of her uncomfortable ceremony shoes and into her comfy
dancing shoes. Just a minor speed bump in the grand scheme of
things... the pictures weren't ruined by a shoeless maid of honor
and no one even realized the bride's shoes did not match her
bridesmaids because her wedding dress was long enough to cover
the comfortable dancing shoes. It is humorous how often these
types of situations happen during the course of wedding festivities
and brides handle the 'emergency' with perfect composure.

At my own wedding, a similar scenario kept repeating itself:
tardiness. I am usually not the most punctual person anyways,
but when it is your wedding weekend you put in a little more
effort to be on time. The unforeseen factors are really what
contributed to consistent lateness: a bridesmaid not having
shoes that matched her outfit for the rehearsal dinner, being
from out of town and not knowing the 'rush-hour' traffic to
avoid, worrying about my out-of-town relatives getting lost, etc.
After five phone calls and an unlimited number of text messages
from my family, in-laws and fiance, (who were already at the
church waiting for us), about how late my bridesmaids and I
were to the rehearsal ceremony, I realized my knuckles where
white because I was gripping my cell phone so tightly. Even
though I was not freaking out on the outside, internally I was
a little stressed out. One of my bridesmaids sitting next to me
must have felt the stress vibe resonating from my direction
because she asked sternly, "Are you alright?"
I was alright, and looking back at the wedding weekend,
running late to things is not something that sticks out on the
importance list. Weddings aren't perfect, and things might not
go exactly as they are planned. The important thing is to breathe
so you can think clearly and come to a resolution; negativity
and freaking out only make bad situations worse.

So, as with most wedding tales, the moral of the stories
can be applied to everyday life as well: being calm is way
more beneficial than freaking out.

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