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Destination vs Hometown Weddings

One of the first established aspects of a wedding is the, "Where". Travel to a beautiful beach? A snowy mountain resort? Or maybe plan a sentimental wedding in the bride or groom's hometown... There are many amazing places in our country and all over the world to have a destination wedding. Whether your guest list numbers in the hundreds or is a small group of five people, destination weddings are a very fun route.

Many brides and grooms hesitate to even consider the destination option due to budget restrictions. This is a simple case of glass half-empty vs glass half-full mentality! Destination weddings are actually an amazing way to cut your budget in half. Oftentimes, people are less likely to be able to attend your wedding if it is not convenient for them. Your guests have to consider travel plans, time off of work, hotel accommodations, etc. Not only will your guest list be cut in half, but this will also make your wallet happy as your florist and caterer bill will be directly affected! Other parts of your budget will be decreased as well when you decrease your guest list. Sometimes, a bride and groom will block off hotel rooms for their guests, this is totally optional and usually comes with a group discount rate. Nowadays, all the bride and groom have to do is suggest great places to stay and let their guests do the deciding and paying of the tab.

It is very fun to make a long weekend out of a destination wedding. Whether you're planning a dogsledding tour for your guests in the Colorado Rockies, or a Surfing Instructor for the kids in Hawaii; planned activities encourages your guests to make their own mini-vacation out of your wedding weekend-a truly memorable and generous gift.

Speaking of vacations, honeymoons can be an easy transition after a destination wedding. It is a great idea for the couple when they wed in an area they want to honeymoon in as well, the travel plans are cut in half.

Now, if you're more of a hometown kinda gal, can you imagine your wedding being anywhere other than your backyard or the church you grew up in? The plus side to being married at home is that everyone important to you can generally attend without having to stretch their wallet to travel around the world. You're in a place of comfortability and familiarity at home, this means your wedding day will be less nerve-racking. When you're able to let all of the little worries and everything else fall away from your mind, you can truly enjoy your wedding day.

Hometown weddings can be just an expensive, or inexpensive, as destination weddings. Whether the wedding is in Aruba or Dayton, Ohio... in the end, it comes down to the couple's ability to stick to their budget. If there are important aspects of the wedding, the couple should definitely focus their energy and wallet in that area. But if the couple doesn't mind if something is left out of their special day, by all means, they should leave it out. It is about two people who love each other, committing to spending the rest of their lives together. Weddings shouldn't have to be a circus of events put on for their guests amusement. Think about what you want to spend money on, what location/venue is important to you, and get married there-in whatever style your little heart desires!

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