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You got married HOW?

While watching the Olympics in my comfy, (albeit dog-infested), living room with my AMAZING husband, lovely twin sis and hilarious friends; an indoor sky-diving commercial for a Denver facility comes on the television...

"That is crazy, why would anyone want to throw themselves out of an airplane, to their death?!" one of my friends exclaimed in astonishment.

"They're not going to die! You have to take classes and become certified or go tandem with an instructor!" another one of our friends countered.

My husband Pete, (who knows that I am a long time fan of sky-diving and have always wanted to try it-but will probably chicken out when I finally get around to doing it), said "That is actually a really cool thing to do it indoors, I was thinking about doing that for Christy's Christmas gift last year."

----This is totally a digression, but I have to tell you: two of my dear friends have great sky-diving stories... One sky-dove/sky-dived/? out of a helicopter while studying-abroad in Europe. The video footage literally shows her being pulled under the helicopter when she jumps out because of gravity and everything else going on, how awesome does that sound!! Another one of my friends did it naked... I had to share! Back to the point----

Everyone went back to discussing commercials and Olympic athletes, but this little discussion got me thinking... are people crazy to do these types of things? I mean, we only live once, right? Why not have a little fun and get our blood pumping every now and again? Because we could die, that is a good reason not to do exhilarating risky behavior... But wasn't it Ferris Bueller who said, "Don't take life so seriously, no one gets out alive."

Now, this got me thinking even further... many people are afraid of marriage because their parents may have gotten divorced, or they're afraid of commitment, or whatever the reason may be. Even the people who are most against marriage have a hard time refusing to exchange vows if they find the "right person"... So, isn't this essentially the same thing as sky-diving? We are doing something we're afraid of because life is going to end at some point, we might as well be happy while we're still here... Is this too deep? Alright, well I'll quit being so philosophical and get to the fun wedding talk! I did a little research, and here are some awesome local Colorado places for thrill-seekers and scardy-pants alike to exchange their vows:

1) Sky-diving wedding in Longmont Colorado

2) Hot Air Balloon weddings Colorado

3) Rock Climbing Nuptials - Garden of the Gods

4) Roller Coaster Nuptials Denver CO

5) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO
~Not as dangerous, but still pretty unique and fun!

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  1. very funny stuff... makes you think there for a minute! skydiving and marriage...the similarities...

    so, thought you'd like this link I just saw: