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DIY Ceremony programs, place cards, favors

Everyone loves a quick, fun project, especially one that embodies personalization... Well, here is one inexpensive and easy way to put all of those adjective into your Ceremony programs, (or place cards, or favors, etc)! First, go to www.Moo.com Click on the, "Mini Cards" option and start uploading your own photos which you would like on the cards. They cost $20 for a pack of 100 and the website offers bulk discounts, as well.

The fun part is that you can use these cards however you want. They can be your program which lays out whose who in your Ceremony, as well as showing love and appreciation for any Grandparents who have passed away and most importantly states the order of events so the guests know what is going on throughout the Ceremony. One bride I know wishes she would have used programs in her Ceremony because she had her step-brother walk her down the aisle. Many people on the Groom's side did not know who he was or why her father wasn't doing the honors. A Ceremony program could have quickly explained all of this.

On one card you could list the order of events, on another card you could have lyrics to a special song, and on the other cards you could have photos of you and your groom plus things that are important to you. A photo of the puppy he got you last Christmas, a photo of your Nana who passed away, etc... Your wedding guests love to feel apart of your life, especially on this special day!

You can order x-amount of each photo or text card, enough for your guests and then some cushion for unexpected needs. Once they arrive, you can separate the cards into piles, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so forth. Then take one of each pile and start assembling your programs. Once they are stacked together and everything is in order, take a hole punch to the bottom of each stack. Through that little hole you can lace a pretty ribbon & waa-lah, you've constructed some very fun Ceremony programs, (that can double as fans in case the Church is stuffy!)

If you wanted to double these programs as place card holders, you could make the first mini card say the guests names and table number. Have them all sitting on a table in alphabetical order outside the Church. Your guests can find their name, know where they're sitting at the Reception, know what is going on during the Ceremony, and have a fun little photo book memento to take home with them after the wedding... Best of all worlds!

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